The department of Politics has a major role to play in shaping a career of students through imparting knowledge on political affairs and the structural changes that are taking place in our political system.  By clear understanding of constitutional rights and obligations, one can prove himself to be a responsible citizen.  The efforts continuously made by the faculty of this department helped in realizing the basic aspirations of students to become future leaders of this country.

            The department of Politics is known for its academic excellence in imparting the  knowledge of Politics.  It is endowed with a bend of highly learned, disciplined and dedicated teachers committed to give qualitative teaching of the subject with utmost devotion and sincerity.

            The department of politics occupies a position of pride and importance in the college for its perennial services to the students in performing extracurricular activities.

            The learned staff of the department of politics with their watch ward “Use me “ comes forward to advise, guide help and train students desiring to participate as speakers in the meetings, debates, elocutions.  The knowledge of which broadens the mental horizons  of a citizen and his / her knowledge of men and matters.  Study of politics makes one to conduct himself well in democratic polity like Indian as a responsible citizen.  Success of democracy in any country depends upon the political knowledge of a citizen.  Therefore, study of politics assumes great prominence now a days.

Dr.G.Davai Livingstone

Dr.G.David Livingstone

Head of the Department

“I have many promises to keep

 and miles to go before I sleep,

 and miles to go before I sleep”.

   Robert Frost(Famous American Poet)